Ministry Update - May - June 2019

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May-June, 2019

Dear Praying Friend,

You matter to our family. You pray. You give. We get to go with the Gospel, assist churches and missionaries, and make a difference for the cause of Christ. We owe you a debt of gratitude.

We found the months of May and June filled with God-appointed moments for our ministry in missions. Pictured below are five of WW families on deputation in a missions conference in Pigeon Forge, TN held at Freedom Baptist Church.

Five WWNTBM families in Pigeon Forge, tN

Five WWNTBM families in Pigeon Forge, tN

Because of your praying, we sensed God’s protection and provision in travel. During these two months I traveled twice to the West coast and traveled on the East coast to assist a church plant, help churches with leadership development, take part in an ordination of a man, and encouraged churches in their missions giving. Your praying moved the hand of God for us. Thank you. You prayed; we experienced His provision, protection, and good health. 

Because of your giving, God met the needs in our life each month. Your support, gifts, and Kim’s employment at World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions helps our family stay full time in the work of Christ. There is not a gallon of gas purchased, books and materials used, or trips made to assist others without your giving. You gave; we saw God’s provision, blessing, and saw our needs met.

Because of your compassion, I stood with Pastors, assisted missionaries, encouraged the weary, lifted the down trodden, helped church members, preached the Gospel, saw people get saved, and watched as God called some to ministry. Your compassion gave us security, strength, and success.

Because of your interest in the Great Commission, I need you to pray. The first church I started in Grenada asked if we would come in July to honor the National Pastor who worked with us. We will help the church honor him and his wife. The couple, Milton and Evelyn Williams are both in their eighties and this is a divine moment for us to be a blessing. Will you pray God will meet this need for Kim and me? The tickets are $900.00 each. We had enough set aside to pay for almost one ticket. Can you help us? (We did not expect this request; so, we did not plan for it as they just called at the beginning of July to ask us to come the weekend of July 21, 2019.)

Because God is faithful, we trust Him. Because you are faithful, we help missionaries, churches, and young people get involved in the mission of God. Because of your compassion, giving, and continued interest, you inspire us to faithfulness. We are grateful to you.

Thank you for helping us serve in His harvest,

John and Kim O’Malley

August 2015 Newsletter

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August 2014

Dear Praying Friend,



Thank you for praying for us. Your petitions to the Lord for our safety, support needs, and strength are appreciated.

Family Fellowship Week of World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions was a huge success. Dozens of missionary families attended and received help from the Lord. Thank you for praying.

On August 25 Kim and I will leave for South America. We will visit six missionary families with our agency. We desire to be an encouragement to these families. We will visit their ministry works. We will visit Chile, Peru, and Brazil.

Taking a trip like this for Kim and me is unprecedented. Would you pray for:

  • our safety.

  • for God to use us.

  • for God to open doors for evangelism.

  • for God to supply the financial need for this trip.

    Your passion to see the world for Christ is ours. Your desire to see missionaries assisted and encouraged is mutual. Could you assist with a gift to defray the expenses of this trip? The expenses for this trip will be over $4500.00.

    Please pray for our missions office staff. They will carry a heavier load with Kim’s absence during this trip. Pray for my mother who lives with us during our absence.

    Serving Him,

    John O'Malley



2015 Second Quarter Prayer Letter

I am a big fan of Preacher’s kids. These are four great ones. They are Pastor Anthony and Sandra Hipps of Jesup, Georgia. (Savannah, Christian, Sierra, and Scarlett.)

I am a big fan of Preacher’s kids. These are four great ones. They are Pastor Anthony and Sandra Hipps of Jesup, Georgia. (Savannah, Christian, Sierra, and Scarlett.)

Second Quarter, 2015

Dear Friends, 

Thank you for your love, support, and prayers for our family and ministry. Because of your support this Quarter, we assisted and trained missionaries. We preached the Gospel and saw eternal addresses changed. We saw churches strengthened in their missionary outreach. Thank you for caring and investing.

God blessed the six missions conferences I got to attend. The conferences I attended were in four states from Ohio to Florida. The churches committed over $400,000.00 to missions. It is a wonderful thing to witness and see the giving that pays in spiritual dividends. This aspect of our ministry allows us to see God work here in a way that touches the world.

We are preparing for World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions’ annual Family Fellowship Week. We will meet in Greensboro, NC. The focus of Family Fellowship Week is different than our Orientation School. This meeting fulfills our agency’s desire to strengthen and encourage missionaries. 

In June, I spoke for another missions agency, Armed Forces Baptist Missions. This agency helps America’s military around the world. I spoke six times for them to assist their missionaries in matters of working with their finances and marriages. I also preached to the people attending the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Conference. God used Psalm 61 to speak to hearts. I stand amazed how He used His word to help the hearts of those who hurt and those who God called to help them.

Kim travelled with me to several meetings. But, as you know she works in our missions office. Without Kim and our entire office staff the over 100 families in more than 80 places in the world could not do what they do as effectively. I am so proud of her work for the Lord.

When I preach, travel, train, assist or encourage missionaries I am able to do so because of your investments in the work of  missions. Thank you for praying for us.

Serving Him,
John O’Malley

2015 First Quarter Prayer Letter

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Dear Friends, 

What a wonderful thing it is when God gives life, health, and opportunity to preach the Gospel and see people trust Christ as Savior. 2015 is here and is filled with such opportunities for the O’Malleys.

During the First Quarter of this year God allowed me to preach and present missions in 11 churches. We helped these churches in their missions efforts in different states. I even got to preach in my home church’s Faith Promise Sunday. I love our home church, Faith Baptist Church in Shelby, NC. 

Kim and I spoke in a couple conference in Tennessee. We had a precious time together and with these couples from our home church. We also celebrated 29 years of marriage at that conference. What a joy to realize we’ve given our lives to the Lord’s work for just as long.

I taught at Ambassador Baptist College at the end of March. I love being able to interact and take time to influence young people for the Lord’s work. While in the area of the college I met with an a local Pastor to partner in assisting an Ambassador student with their required ministry internship this year.

The Lord gave a wonderful time in a church in Fort Walton Beach, Florida at their Missions Conference. I met friends from Alaska and Georgia in that church. There was such a sweet spirit in their missions conference. I found the same spirit at another church, in Palm Harbor, Florida. Kim also spoke in a Ladies Conference in Palm Harbor, Florida two weeks after I was there. Over 150 ladies came for the sessions. God used Kim in a special way. 

Our son, John moved to Wilmington, NC. He is about four hours away from home. He is the Branch Manager at the airport in Wilmington. The Lord has blessed John. We are proud of him. 

Please pray for us concerning health and safety. Pray for us as we make plans to visit missionaries in South America this Summer. 

Serving Him,
John O'Malley

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I love Preacher’s kids. This Caleb Wiley. He is the Son of Pastor Jason and Angie Wiley of Palm Harbor, FL.

I love Preacher’s kids. This Caleb Wiley. He is the Son of Pastor Jason and Angie Wiley of Palm Harbor, FL.