Do you have the Here Habit?

Do you have  The Here Habit?  

Do you have The Here Habit? 

This morning I made the graphic which represents my early morning reflection. I posted it to my social media accounts.

A dear friend, Mrs. Boone West, saw it and reflected. She asked me, "How can I change?" 

I was Milwaukee's airport waiting at Gate D55 for a flight to Washington, DC. I thought about my feelings and Mrs. West's question which echoed my own thoughts. 

I wrote her my simple unvarnished thoughts. I would love to know your thoughts too.  

Below is what I wrote: 

"It's either we say "no" to more events. Or we discipline our hearts to be-in-the-now more than we are. We might create the habits of:

1. Disconnecting the tethers of later (technology and worries).

2. Looking in people's eyes and hearts more than looking beyond them to the next most important person or event.

3. Speaking/listening with intention. Participate in a conversation with the goal of learning from them and leave them something that encourages them. Consider the conversations held in the past with those who have shed their earthly bonds. What do you remember? What do you cherish from that conversation?  Look at the conversation you will have at this event. What will you say that will be which they remember and cherish? What will you leave them?

4. Expressing a person's worth and value to them in personal and simple terms that mean something to them.

Boone, I am sitting at a gate in Milwaukee. I have not given this a lot of thought. The above are mere musings.  I do not think I have the answers, but if I practiced Philippians 2:3 in every conversation, I might do better than I feel I do now."

I think I need to create, what I just decided to call, the Here Habit. The Here Habit is you giving every person 100% of you, one person at a time. I do not want to attend 100 appointments and be thinking of what's next. 

Please use the comments section below and tell me your thoughts. 

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