Which books were recommended to me in a Facebook Group for Ministry People?

Recently, I asked on a Facebook Group for Ministry People called, The Ministry Connection Communityfor a list of great books to read this year without regard to genre.

More than fifty books were recommended to me. I created a document with all of the books with their Title, Author, and an URL so I could add the books to my library over time.

I knew the book list would help me; I thought it might help others. I decided to share the books which were recommended to me. Keep in mind, I am not endorsing these books, they were recommended to me by others. 

Click here for the Book List.

(If the link is on Amazon, it will be an affiliate link. This means Amazon might give me a few US cents for referring you to the book if you purchase it. If you want to search for the book on your own, the full title is in the document)