God Sees Bad Church Leaders

God is not mocked

God is not mocked

When you see the visual devotion above, you may read its message and remember when a preacher, pastor, priest, or church leader hurt you.

If this occurred, I see you, I hear you, and I believe you. I apologize that bad people hurt you.

I remind myself, as I see myself in the mirror and look at my social media feed, good men can and do go bad.

Sometimes, once-good men do bad things, they say bad things, and sadly, they hurt people. Sometimes these men, who do bad things, say wrong things, and hurt people, are ordained ministers. Sometimes these ministers flex their vocal muscles and adopt the phrase that they are God's anointed and make themselves untouchable. These men who say and do bad things claim immunity and impunity because they declare themselves to be "A Man of God."

A real man of God, does not lord himself over anyone. A real man of God behaves. A real man of God does not promote himself nor does he put down others. A real man of God does not gossip. He stands for what is right but he is not combative, caustic, and cruel to his spouse, family, or anyone.

If you've been hurt, bruised, abused, dismayed, disillusioned, or crushed by a man, I regret your hurt. I urge you to allow God, who did not hurt you, to begin your healing process. Please don't build a shrine to your hurt and dwell there. Look beyond the person who hurt you to the One who will heal you.

Remember, Galatians 6:7 reminds us, God sees those who hurt others and will see to it that they will reap.