Does your Missionary have this tool? They need it!

Have you ever heard a missionary speak about the deputation process? They might say, “We make thousands of calls, to speak to hundreds of preachers and their assistants, to schedule scores of meetings, so we can drive a hundred thousand miles, so we can leave for the place God called us.”

To some, the process sounds hard, difficult, and filled with disappointment.

You’re right, It can be.

There are no shortcuts to deputation.

Deputation is like running a marathon. You do not just wake up one morning and run 26.2 miles. You need training, practice and a journal to keep track of your progress. In marathons and missions, what you do not measure you cannot improve.

There are no shortcuts to running a marathon. In missions, there are no shortcuts either.

The missionary needs the same three things a marathon runner needs. A missionary needs training, practice, and a journal to measure their progress.

On Friday, I saw software made for missionaries. This software, places the three tools in their hands to complete the  marathon called Deputation. The software, helps missionaries locate churches, connect with pastors, and track their progress on deputation.

If you know a missionary, they need this tool. If you’re a Pastor, your missionary needs this tool. If you are a missionary, you need this tool.

Think about it this way. If your calendar, your map, your things to do list, and your monthly financial statement of missionary support were put into a blender, the smoothie you would get is this software.

A lifetime license for this software is $60. The price after the deadline is $137. (See the link below to pre-register for this pricing.)

You pay nothing now. You are under no obligation. You can run this marathon without the training, practice and the personal journalling this software provides. But, why not get the tool you need to do the job with efficiency?

This vital tool is available on any Internet enabled device. I used it with success on my phone, tablet, and computer.

One more thing, this is a great tool for missionaries. Tell them I sent you.


National Cupcake Day

It's National Cupcake Day. What's your favorite flavor and icing? This is a tongue-in-cheek Post 

National Cupcake Day

National Cupcake Day

This day is a reminder of the need for culinary separation amongst cupcake eaters.

There are three Cupcake Tribes.

  •  Cupcake Liberals: eat cupcakes made from anywhere and never use utensils.
  • Cupcake Conservatives: eat only homemade cupcakes with personally sourced and natural ingredients. They only eat cupcakes with a fork. If they milled their own flour they are purists. If they buy their flour only from Whole Foods they are left of center conservatives.
  • Cupcake Pragmatists: will buy cupcakes from anyone anywhere. This includes buying from a vending machine and convenience stores. They choose utensils based on the moment. They do not practice culinary separation at any level.

 Basic tenets:

  1. The flavor of icing is not a cause for separation - its all icing. The more icing, the merrier.
  2. Whether or not you use utensils to eat cupcakes is cause for separation.
  3. With whom you eat cupcakes is just as important as how you eat your cupcakes.
  4. You must reject the universal kitchen view. True cupcake people understand we are local kitchen only.

Practicing primary, secondary, and tertiary culinary separation is vital.

If you eat cupcakes with culinary liberals and pragmatists, I cannot eat cupcakes with you. I must separate from you.


Enjoy a cupcake today. 🙂

If you take this post seriously, umm, don't.

If you do take the Post seriously, I'll still eat a cupcake with you, but only with a fork and on a Food Freedom Day  

 P.S: Any similarity to anything real is coincidental and unintentional.

Has A Post-Christian America Rediscovered its Moral Compass?

Photo by  Garrett Sears  on  Unsplash

Photo by Garrett Sears on Unsplash

Has A Post-Christian America rediscovered its moral compass?

The recent landslide of exposures, resignations, and coming forth of the "formerly silent majority of the abused" makes me wonder, has America rediscovered its moral compass? 

I do not think so. 

Make no mistake any dose of moral awareness is welcome in a culture that exchanged truth and wrong for moral relativism. 

Former Fox News Host, Gretchen Carlson, taught America to believe the victims who spoke the truth. Those who chose silence, because of possible shame, Gretchen Carlson helped them find their voice. I think Gretchen Carlson broke open the wall allowing women to discover courage and find the strength to speak against abusers and their abuses. Her recent book, "Be Fierce" gave a platform for women to be heard and believed. 

When it comes to any abuse, there is no context where that behavior is acceptable. Real people get hurt when perpetrators swell with pride and abuse others with words and deeds. 

No person may be exempt:

  • If the abuser led our nation, a state, or political district, they must be held accountable. 
  • If the abuser is one who read us the news, they must be held accountable. 
  • If the abuser stood in our pulpits or taught or led a church ministry, they must be held accountable. 
  • If they taught or led in a college or our schools, they must be held accountable. 
  • If they led a missions agency or were a missionary, they must be held accountable. 
  • If they are a relative, they must be held accountable. 
  • There is no excuse for abuse. 

If a corporate or religious culture protects the abuser, it is reprehensible. If the same entities ignore the victim, it is wicked and inexcusable. 

If someone makes an accusation which is demonstrably false, it is wrong and should be held accountable. [edited to add and “should be held accountable”]

If you or you know any who can use the hashtag #MeToo, please help by listening without judgment when the abused want to speak. Express they are safe, and you believe them when they share the truth. Then assist them in prosecuting the perpetrators.

I fear, the culture I know best, the church culture fosters an environment where abuse occurs by those who serve from the pulpit to the parking lots. I challenge all spiritual and secular leaders to put policies in place which prevents abuse. 

I believe:

  • Abuse of any kind is wrong. 
  • Abuse is a crime against God. 
  • Abuse is a sin. 
  • Abuse is often criminal. 
  • We must prosecute abuse.
  • There is no excuse for abuse. 
  • Has America found it's moral compass? No. 

This is a time to give help to victims. We must provide a safe space to those who speak the truth. It is the time to do what the Christian community should do well, lead and listen with grace. 

The only moral compass for any people is the word of God.